A customized datacenter; on-demand and pay-per-use.


Without fixed-costs and with no need for investments.

For SME UniCloud represents the freedom to choose how and when to create virtual servers paying only the resources actually needed. A very cost-effective solution compared to classical approaches, without compromises.

Your can manage your cloud datacenter with an easy to use web interface or through a complete, well-documented and standard API.

UniCloud is the ideal solution for SMEs like startups or web agencies that want to create their own datacenter to supply various services to third parties.

With UniCloud it’s possible to create virtual private servers from predefined templates with all the major operating systems and Linux distributions. If you can’t find the operating system you’re looking for contact us and we’ll help you to import your custom virtual server images. Find out what UniCloud can do for you.

Do you want to know more about UniCloud? Contact us. You can ask for a free trial!