Simple and scalable

You can manage your virtual datacenter through a easy-to-use web user interface.

You can edit the configuration of every virtual server whenever you want.

With UniCloud it’s possible to create virtual private servers from predefined templates with all the major operating systems and Linux distributions.
The UniCloud flexibility allows you to build a single server, a desktop system, or a complete datacenter.


“Emergency” access to the console

With UniCloud you can access the console of each virtual machine with your web browser: there is no need to install client-side software and you can access your servers wherever you are.

After the installation you will be able to access your servers through your preferred tools. For instance you can use SSH or remote terminal services, conforming to the security policies you have enforced.

On-demand storage

With a few mouse clicks you can create virtual volumes that can be hot-attached to your servers in order to expand their storage space. This adds a lot of flexibility to the storage of your virtual servers.


You can save your virtual machine disk images for backup purposes or in order to clone your servers.Are you a reseller? With UniCloud you can build your virtual server template library.

Secure and redundant

UniCloud has been developed with security in mind. In fact, it guarantees:

  • isolation between customers' virtual data centers;
  • data storage privacy with a secure-wipe of released storage by means of a zeroing process;
  • Internet security by means of a virtual firewall that can be used to enforce your own security policies;
  • high availability of virtual servers by means of redundant hardware and software systems.



With UniCloud you’ll be charged only for the resources you actually use. You will be charged only for the actual time usage of CPUs, RAM and disk.
Internet bandwidth? It’s free of charge!




Unidata is an Internet Service Provider since 1984 and it has a total bandwidth of 4.5 Gbps in its datacenters. Unidata is present in the most important Internet traffic exchange points:

  • MIX (Milan Internet eXchange)
  • NaMeX (Nautilus Mediterranean eXchange)
  • AMS-IX (AMSterdam Internet eXchange)

UniCloud poses no limits to the Internet traffic for virtual servers and there are no limits for intra-virtual-datacenter communications.